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Accessories - Bowls
C11:218/BW Lysander Ivory Bowl A6:3.31201 Red Swirl oval bowl - Medium A6:1.10030 Meteor Bowl - Silver Haze
A6:1.10052 Swoop Bowl Celestial A6:1.10053 Swoop Bowl - Emerald A6:1.10054 Swoop Bowl - Orange
A6:1.10166 Meteor Bowl - Silver Haze - Small A6:1.10168 Meteor Bowl - Bronze - Small A6:1.10170 Meteor Bowl - Blue - Small
A6:1.10171 Large Blue Meteor Bowl A6 1612 Belted Footed Fruit Bowl A6:1658 Chiselled Blonde/Bronze Oval Bowl
A6:3.30746 Shimmering Palace Footed Bowl A6:1837 Citron Swoop Bowl A6:1917 Ruby Footed Compote
A6 3.30883 Black Glass Baguette Bowl A6 6.60002 Grande Footed Bowl A6 6.60014 Turquoise & Beige Canoe Bowl
A6 6.60094 Amber Bubble Bowl A6 6.60115 Honeycomb Low Bowl A6:6.60180 Venus Clear glass Bowl
A6:6.60116 Honeycomb Optic Wavy Bowl A6:6.60221 Leo Clear glass Bowl A6:6.60273 Canoe Bowl - Amber
A6:7.10035 Oxus Pinched Bowl - lg A6:7.10036 Oxus Pinched Bowl - Small A6:7.10040 Oxus Oval Bowl - Large
A6:7.10044 Pisces Oval Bowl - Graphite A6:7.10062 Random Grid Bowl - Graphite A6:7.60000 Glass Splash Footed Bowl
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