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Accessories - Candle Holders
A10:493567 A Pair of Candlesticks A6:9.92061 & A6:9.92060 Twig Candlestick - Nickel - Small & Large A6:9.92061 Twig Candlestick - Nickel - Small
C11:276 Maddison Crystal and Brass Candleholder (Set of 2) A6:9.92060 Twig Candlestick - Nickel - Large A6:1520 Small Glass Ribbed Candleholder
A6:1520, A6:1521 & A6:1522 Small Glass Ribbed Candleholder Large, Medium & Small A6:1521 Medium Glass Ribbed Candleholder A6:1522 Large Glass Ribbed Candleholder
A6 1523 2- Light Glass Tube Candelabra A6 6.60069 Tubular Candlestick/Vase A6 6.60144 Pulled Glass Candelabra
A6:6.60220 Leo Hurricane/Vase A6:7.80330 Whaleback Luminary -X-Large A6:8.81071 Artichoke T-Lite - Green
A6:8.81081 Artichoke T-Lite - White A6:8.81267 Brilliant Pillar Candleholder - Short A6:8.81268 Brilliant Pillar Candle Holder - Tall
A6:8.81565 Bipolar crystal Candleholder - Large A6:8.81565 Bipolar crystal Candle holder - Large, Medium, Small A6:8.81566 Bipolar Crystal Candlestick - Medium
A6:8.81567 Bipolar Crystal Candlestick - Small A6:8.81747 Chrysanthemum T-Lite Holder - Matte Bronze A6:8.81748 Chrysanthemum T-Lite Holder - Matte Chrome
A6:8.81749 Chrysanthemum T-Lite Holder - Matte Gold A6:8.81750 Chrysanthemum T-Lite Holder - Matte White C8 Eve Crystal tall Candlestick
C8 Lucinda Crystal Candle holder C8 Clear Crystal Manhattan candleholder A6:9.90776 Estate Hurricane Tall - Nickel
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