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Accessories - Sculptures
A6:7.80557 Tumble Weed Sculpture - Gold Leaf - Large A11:1054-209M Male bust on crystal base A6:8.81688 Ampersand Objet-Silver
A6:7.80457 Granilla Glass Bird - Large A10:495833-BLT Light Brass Whippet Dog C8:4075-MIRA-LG-GR Large Faux Green Coral on clear crystal base
A6:7.80458 Granilla Glass Bird - Small A6 3.30638 Large Horse head Sculpture in Marble Finish New A6:7.80557 Tumble Weed Sculpture - Gold Leaf - Large
A6:6.60209 Clear Glass Apple A6:6.60225 Tortoise Glass Apple A6:D8.80088 Urchin - Matte White - Small
A10:495901-DKB Dark Bronze Dragon Statue A6:7.80071 Whale Vertebra On Iron Stand A6 8.80029 Head Sculpture - Cast Iron
A6:8.80447 Hand Sculpture - Upward Hand A6:8.80447 Hand Sculpture - Upward Hand & A6:8.80448 Open Hand A6:8.80448 Hand Sculpture - Open Hand
A6 8.80578 Modern Acrobat Sculpture A6 8.80680 Diver Sculpture A6:8.80682 Reaching For Centre Sculpture
A6:8.80778 Iron hand bowl A6 8.80785 Nickel Deco Deer - Small A6:8.80786 Nickel Deco Deer - Large
A6:8.80791 Somersault through rings sculpture on White marble base A6 8.80829 Ostrich Egg Standing & A6 8.80830 Ostrich Egg Walking A6 8.80848 Climbing Man - Table Top
A6:8.80849 Climbing Man - Wall Mounted A6:8.80850 V Shaped Acrobat Sculpture A6:8.80952 Vortex Sculpture
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