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Accessories - Trays
A10:493960 Painted Red Floral Chinoiserie Tray A10:493970 Painted Black Floral Chinoiserie Tray A10:494200 Gilt & Eglomise Oval Tray
A10:494201 Gilt & Eglomise Rectangular Tray A10:530151-NPD Natural Polka Dots Oval Tray A6:7.20108 Nouveau Luxe Tray - Gold Leaf - Lg
A6:7.20109 Nouveau Luxe Tray - Gold Leaf - Small A6:7.20114 Nouveau Luxe Tray - Silver Leaf - Small A6:7.20046 Luxe Gold Leaf Square Plateau
A6:7.20047 Luxe Gold Leaf Rectangular Plateau A6:7.20055 Champagne Silver Leaf Rectangular Tray - Large A6:7.20056 Champagne Silver Leaf Rectangular Tray - Small
A6:7.20057 Champagne Silver Leaf Square Plateau A6:7.20058 Champagne Silver Leaf Rectangular Plateau A6:7.90129 Serpentine Serving Tray - Grey - Small
A6:7.90329 Churchill Tray - Large Large and Small Churchill Leather Trays A6:7.90330 Churchill Tray - Small
A6 9.90323 Sleek Deco Tray - Nickel - Small A6:9.90324 Sleek Deco Tray Nickel - Large A6:9.91379 Wrapped Handle Tray-Coral Leather-Sm
A6 9.91382 Wrapped Handle Tray - Black Leather - Large A6:9.91609 Linked Mirror Tray - Small A6:D8.80015 Masala Lacquered Wood Tray
A10:495492 Rectangular Tray with inlaid trellis pattern A10:495484 Elip Mocha Tray with Ebony handles A10:495489 Hexagon Tray
A6:7.90908 Churchill Tray - Grey - Large A6:7.90909 Churchill Tray - Grey - Small C5:T042-04-RD Rectangular Red Chinoiserie Tray
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