Furniture - Dining & Centre Tables
A10:495306-RWL Rustic Walnut Extendable Dining Table A10:492726 Two-Tier Marquetry Centre Table A10:493378 Large Extending Refectory Table
A10:494066-G Italian Gilt Center Table A10:494104-G Transitional Centre Table with Eglomese Top & gold iron A10:494104-S Transitional Centre Table with Eglomese Top & silver iron
A10:491101-72D-CFW Provincial Walnut Round Dining Table (Inbuilt Lazy Susan) A10:494539 Stepped gilt circular centre table A10:494574 Deco round dining table (High lustre)
A10:494776 Flame Mahogany Biedermeier Breakfast Table A10:494777-72D Hyedua Wood Circular Dining Table with inbuilt lazy Susan A10:494953 Round Timber centre table with brass detailing
C7:1680-814 Banquet Extendable Dining Table A10:495306-LMA Limed Arcacia Extending Dining Table A10:530023-GMA Round Centre/Dining Table with Scalloped edge detailing
A10:530024-GO Longwood Oval Dining Table (Greyed Oak) A10:530041 Large Extending timber Dining Table A10:530042-65D-KTO Havelock Round Dining Table
Forthcoming A10:530046 Dalkeith Table C7:1610-814 Portfolio Woodrum Dining Table C7:1620-810/811 Fusion Willa Dining Table Top & Base
C7:1690-6160/7012-1620 Protege Dining Cuisine Table A6:2459 Skyscraper Dining Table with Glass Top A7:729-876TP Macarthur Park Beverly Place Dining Table
A10: 494544 Walnut circular dining table with self-storing leaves A10:491178-60D-LBC 60" Round Light Brown Chestnut Dining Table A10:491178-72D-LBC 72" Round Light Brown Chestnut Dining Table
A10:495346 Feather Inlay Glass Top Center Table A10:495857-54D-DBW 54" Round Caledonian Daniella & Burl Walnut Dining Table C7:1582-978 Falcon Centre Table
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