Furniture - Sofas & Chaises
C7:5519-01-911-303 Graham Sofa in Pale Blue Linen with scatter cushions A7:1931-33 Shadow Play Nob Hill Sofa A7:7864-33 Oyster Bay Southgate Sofa in 4099-11 Grade 4 fabric
A7:7141-33-02 Mirage Audrey Leather Sofa A7:7728-33 Stratton Charcoal Grey Linen sofa with charcoal metallic scatter cushions A7:7741-33 Philadelphia Cream linen sofa with grey geometric scatter cushions
A7:7985-33 St. Tropez Signac Sofa A7:7985-33 Signac Sofa in Mink Crushed velvet A7:7602-22 Sofia Love Seat in Cashmere finish
C7:0704-01DC-1250-236BF Protégé Sofa with Buttoned back C7: 3220-01A British Colonial Sofa C7:3101-06DC-L-961-265 Protege Chaise in Silver Velvet & Black Frame
C7 3101-06-L-1020-72 Protégé Traditional Chaise bolster C7 3104-06-L-960-71 Protégé Chaise C7:3220-01SW-507-43 Protégé Sofa with black frame and white linen upholstery
C7:3801-06DC-511-270SW Protege Day Bed in Black/Gold Chenille Fabric with Antique Gold Legs C7:6004-01SW-921-212BF Faux Rachet Sofa in gold velvet, black frame and striped cushions A7:5100-33BB Barclay Butera Blair Sofa in soft grey pin stripe
A7:5160-33 Barclay Butera Oxford Sofa in A7:7985-33/IVORY Signac Sofa in 4185-11 Grade 4 Fabric. Throw Pillow in 5059-21 Fabric A7:7985-33 Signac Sofa in Cream velvet Fabric with brass studding and gold herringbone cushions
C7:5522-01-911-302 Bennett Sofa A7:7566-33 Bartlett Sofa in Grey linen fabric with contrasting Grey patterned scatter cushions A7:7476-33 Stowe Sofa in 4107-71 Gr. 3 Fabric
C7:5816-01-911-333 Rowan Sofa in Fabric # 333 “Luscious 38 Indigo” with matching cushions & Bronze studding C7:5812-01-911-355- SP Isabella Sofa in Fabric # 355 – 1379 C7:6110-01-911-1252-18-SP Randolf Sofa - Fabric 1252-18 "R-Balance Linen"; 2 x Pillows to be in 1252-18 "R-Balance Linen"; 2 x Pillows to be in 1245-24 “Shadow Bloom Shitake"; Frame #911
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