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Lampbases - Marble & Stone
A10:494966-G Gilt interlaced Iron Lamp Table A10:494966-S Silver Interlaced iron table lamp A2 6229 Wealdon Table Lamp & Shade
A2 6294 Farleigh Table Lamp and shade A6:9.91906 Round Arabesque Marble Lamp & Shade A6:9.91907 Square Arabesque Marble Lamp
C10:2022BBZ-ALB Baluster Table Lamp in Alabaster with Shade C10:8947ALB Square Clyde Stacked Table Lamp in Alabaster with Natural Paper Shade A4:784910 Allegretto Silver Table Lamp with Shade
C8:Pinnacle Octagonal Tapered Alabaster Table Lamp C11:190 Ashford White Marble lamp with acrylic accent and shade C10:8970ALB Large Moderne Table Lamp in Alabaster with Shade
A2:6434 Wakefield Table Lamp & Shade A2:6380 Antigua Table Lamp & Shade A2:6095 Naxos Table Lamp with Linen Rectangular shade
A2:6976 Medea Table Lamp with matching rectangular linen shade A2:6136 Maxton Table Lamp with matching Linen rectangular shade  
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