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Mirrors - Metal & Glass
Forthcoming A10:495200 White Brass (Silver) Lattice spiderweb Mirror A6:3.30172 Ada's Large rectangular Bevelled Edge mirror A6:4.80103 Governor's Palace Mirror
A1:820311 Wilshire Rectangular Antique Bevelled Mirror C7:1780-150 Runway Bauble Round Metal Mirror A6:7.90227 Gold Spike Mirror
A6:9.92237 Greek Key Round Mirror - Hammered Gold A6:8.80468 Round Nickel Sunburt mirror Small A6 9.90325 Gold Metal Sunburst Mirror
A6 9.90326 Sunburst Nickel Mirror A6:9.92373 Iron Loop Pyramid Mirror - Nickel A6: 9.91427 Linked Mirror
A6:8.82455 Eclipse Mirror - Gold Leaf - Small A1:83057-BW Black Glass Mirror With Distressed Gold Leaf A10:494383 Rectangular Mirror with Eglomised Gilt Border
A6:7.90578 Venice Wire Mirror - Antique Gold/Brass Braising C7:1682-152 Miroir Entrelas Mirror A6:8.81300 Piet Mirror
A6:7.90222 Circo Square Brass punched Mirror A11:LM2558 Mirror Glass Inlaid Mirror with Beveled Edges, Chablis Silver Accents A6:9.92620 Radiance Mirror - Gold
A6;8.82440 Eclipse Mirror - Silver Leaf - Large A6:8.82441 Eclipse Mirror - Silver Leaf - Small A6:8.82454 Eclipse Mirror - Gold Leaf - Large
A6:9.92624 Radiance Mirror - Nickel A7:725-205 Shadow Play Studio Mirror A6:7.90507 Spike Mirror-Antique Nickel
A1:83005-BLU Sapphire Blue Glass Mirror with Gold Speckle A1:83053 Octavia Mirror with Stainless Steel A1:84002 Rectangular Bevelled Mirror with Brass Nailhead detail
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