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Overhead Lighting - Pendants
A2:9000-0051 Grand Lotus Chandelier - Silver Leaf A6:7.90677 Alexandria Hall Pendant C10:5211BSL-AM Moravian Medium Star in Burnished Silver Leaf with Antique Mirror
C10:ARN5001G Hampton Medium Pendant in Gilded gold leaf finish A2 9000 Quantum Chandelier in Contemporary Silver leaf finish A2 9015 Large timber orb Chandelier
A2 9046 Round Charcoal finish lantern with swags and water glass A2 9050 Linley Pendant in French Black finish A2:9000-9108 Brownlow Pendant - Large
A2:9133 Small Timber Orb Pendant A2:9137 Babushka Pendant light A2:9204 Nuvola Spiral iron pendant light
A2 9239 Corsica lantern (Large) in Harlow silver finish A2:9363 Calvin Iron pendant with internal shade detail A2:9388 Aged Silver leaf lantern with water glass and gold leave detail
A2:9404 Fitzgerald rectangular Lantern A2:9454 Fortuna Round Tiered Pendant chandelier with aged Raj Mirror glass A2 9468 Charcoal Fergus iron Lantern with water glass
A2:9469 Black iron clover shaped Lantern with glass slit panels A2:9482 Bennett Silver leaf iron pendant - Small A2:9490 Cirque Gold looped Chandelier
A2:9542 Marsaille Rectangular Chandelier A2 9618 Iron lattice work Orb Light A2:9652 Crystal Bud Sphere Chandelier
A4:787640-03 Allegretto Silver Pendant A4:815840-03 Crystal Enchantment Pendant A4:816640-2GU Allegretto Oval Gold Pendant Light
C10:CHC3423BZ Medium Edwardian Arch Top Lantern in Bronze C10:CHC2176GI Darlana Large Lantern in Gilded Iron New C8:BRCH9116-60 Castello Large Dripping Glass Chandelier
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