Overhead Lighting - Pendants
C10:5211BSL-AM Moravian Medium Star in Burnished Silver Leaf with Antique Mirror A2 9000 Quantum Chandelier in Contemporary Silver leaf finish A2 9015 Large timber orb Chandelier
A2 9046 A2:9046 Round Charcoal finish lantern with swags and water glass A2 9050 Linacre Pendant in French Black finish A2 9108 Brownlow Pendant - Large
A2:9133 Small Timber Orb Pendant A2:9137 Babushka Pendant light A2:9204 Nuvola Spiral iron pendant light
A2 9239 Corsica lantern (Large) in Harlow silver finish A2:9301 Filmore Chandelier A2 9316 Boulevard 4 light Iron lantern
A2:9363 Calvin Iron pendant with internal shade detail A2:9388 Aged Silver leaf lantern with water glass and gold leave detail A2:9404 Fitzgerald rectangular Lantern
Forthcoming A2:9454 Fortuna Round Tiered Pendant chandelier with aged Raj Mirror glass A2 9468 Charcoal iron Lantern with water glass A2:9469 Black iron clover shaped Lantern with glass slit panels
A2:9482 Bennett Silver leaf iron pendant - Small A2:9490 Cirque Gold looped Chandelier A2:9542 Marsaille Rectangular Chandelier
A2 9595 Ladock Lantern A2 9618 Iron lattice work Orb Light A2:9652 Crystal Bud Sphere Chandelier
A2 9660 Gold Leaf Hexagonal Lantern A4:787640-03 Alegretto Silver Pendant A4:815840-03 Crystal Enchantment Pendant
A4:816640-2GU Allegretto Oval Gold Pendant Light A6 9.91246 O Pendant Chandelier - Small A6 9.91440 Turned Pendant - Nickel finish
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