New Products
New A6:7.60111 Web Decanter New A6:1606 Elegant Glass Bottle - Large New A6:1605 Elegant Glass Bottle - Small
New A6:BB-9.90004 On Axis Objet New Large and Small Elegant Glass Bottle Decanters New A6:BB-6.60018 Barbara Barry Solstice Decanter - Midnight Blue
New A6:BB-6.60021 Barbara Barry Solctice Decanter - Deep Shadow New A6: Three sizes of Gold Net Vases New A6:3.31129 Gold Net Vase - Small
New A6:3.31128 Gold Net Vase - Medium New A6:3.31127 Gold Net Vase - Large New A6:3.31085 Platinum Net Vase - Small
New A6:8.82455 Eclipse Mirror - Gold Leaf - Small New A6:8.81399 Spire Bottle - Steel - Small New A6:8.81398 Spire Bottle - Steel - Medium
New A6:8.81397 Spire Bottle - Steel - Large New Three Sizes - A6:Spire Steel vases New I2:2960/S Moss tall spotted glass Vase - Small
New I2:2961/L Moss Spotted glass tall vase - Large New I2:2962/V Moss bowed belly spotted glass Vase New A6:3.31083 Platinum Net Vase - Large
New Moss spotted glass vases - available in three sizes New I2:2963/B Large Moss handblown spotted glass bowl New I2:2688/B Aqua Glass blown bowl
New I2:2755/V Aqua glass bowl vase New I2 Aqua Glass Bowl and Vase New I2:564/L Ice White Ribbed Glass bowl - Large
New I2:565/S Ice White Ribbed glass bowl - Small New I2:466/L Ice White Ribbed Glass vase - Large New I2:567/S Ice White ribbed glass vase - Small
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